Liebe Patienten und Patientinnen ab Februar 2020 erweitere ich meine Behandlungstage in der Steiermark um einen Tag.
Ab sofort kann man daher auch für Donnerstag Termine bei mir ausmachen.
Ich freue mich sehr einen Tag mehr in der Steiermark tätig sein zu können.
Liebe Grüße, eure Lisa-Marie Sommer

My 2nd article was in the newspaper - Die WOCHE. - For everyone who wants to be fit trough the winter months - I am offering personal training now!!
Together we identify deficits as for example muscle imbalance and develop a personal plan.

Training options

  • Prevention exercises of all kind
  • Osteoporosis propylaxis
  • Posture training for example to balance your office routine
  • Specific training for examplepreparation for skiing or running season

I wish you all a good start into the cold months. Greets Lisa


My Healthimpuls-Blog is now online!

There are always so many more questions that can be answered in a short time. Changing one`s lifestyle works only when you do it step by step. For all those questions about physiotherapy, nutrition and how to integrate the change into one`s life, I started a blog with tw colleagues. You can find personal stories, current topics or recipies that allow you to relate to your own experiences and what you body might want to tell you. 

Topics you can find there:

  • How to reduce hidden sugars in your everyday life to feel better again - because our organs just function so much better when industrial sugars and other ingredients  mixed into our foods are reduced to the minimum possible.
    You will see that this does not mean that you have to abstain from sweets!
  • Recommendations for exercises that allow you to balance out yoour office routines and training tips for reaching your personal goals.
  • Personal stories about detoxing, my collection of exercises for common symptoms and recipies that help me to eat healthly or counteract a specific symtom you experience.
Are you curious already? Just go to

If you find an article that is in German but seems to be just what you need to read about, please let us know and we will provide the article in English.

Greets, Lisa


My first article in the Newspaper :-)

I am looking forward to all my future patients!

Greets Lisa